Game Arthritis. The Website

Game Arthritis, the project developed by Matteo Bittanti and the collective IOCOSE expecially for Italians Do It Better, has now a dedicated website. Far for being a simple portfolio, the website provides in-depth documentation on any case study, complete with quotes from articles and papers and scientific documents.

More about the project: English…

What are the real effects of digital gaming to our fingers, hands, and bodies? The conformity of interfaces produces deformity. It’s a fact. Call it “the reality of the virtual”. Prolonged vicarious aggression lead to permanent physical disfiguration. Gaming activities produce real consequences for the users. Research has been conducted for years in several clinical laboratories across the globe but doctors and researchers are not willing to share their findings with the general population. However, evidence of new technologically-induced diseases is now becoming known outside of the scientific community. These pathologies – labeled collectively “Game arthritis” – are officially not “recognized”. The authorities have dismissed this hidden epidemic as “mass hysteria”. But according to some scientists – who speak under condition of anonymity fearing ostracization – these undiagnosed disorders are the psychopathology of ludic societies. Digital technology is indeed damaging users’ fingers, arms, postures… Even their DNA is compromised. Game arthritis is not supposed to exist. Game companies do not want to talk about it. Clinicians and dermatologists do not want to discuss it. Labs refuse to run tests. And yet, thousands of players manifest similar symptoms. Thousands of players feel real pain in their bodies. Affected subjects are not delusional. Photos and images are beginning to circulate on the internet. We have collected a few samples.

And Italian…

Game Arthritis denuncia il danno fisico apportato dalla fruizione videoludica, un danno che le autorità e le software house hanno coperto per anni. Il progetto vuole mostrare come i videogiochi abbiano causato alterazioni fisiche ai giocatori, provocando forme di artrite incurabile, deformazioni e danni permanenti a muscoli e legamenti. La comunità scientifica aveva diffuso sul finire degli anni novanta una serie di studi scientifici sul cosiddetto Nintendo, o Playstation, “Thumb”. Secondo questi studi l’uso frequente del joypad può creare forme di ipertrofia muscolare e malformazioni, tra cui quella del “pollice” di abnormi dimensioni o infiammazioni gravi ai tendini del polso. Game Arthritis denuncia gli effetti di una piaga sociale di immani proporzioni. Se i telefoni cellulari vengono spesso accusati di emettere onde cancerogene, i videogiochi sono stati raramente compresi per il loro potenziale nocivo. Considerata la loro diffusione, i videogiochi costituiscono oggi la più seria minaccia alla salute fisica della nostra società.

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About Domenico Quaranta

Domenico Quaranta (1978, Brescia, Italy) is a contemporary art critic and curator. He focused his research on the impact of the current techno-social developments on the arts, with a specific focus on art in networked spaces, from the Internet to virtual worlds. As an art critic, he is a regular contributor to Flash Art magazine; his essays, reviews and interviews appeared in many magazines, newspapers and web portals, such as: Magazine électronique du CIAC (CA), Rhizome (US), A Minima (SP), Vague Terrain, HZ Journal, MESH (AU), RCCS (Resource Center For Cyberculture Studies, US), Maska (SLO), Around Photography (IT), FMR Bianca (IT), Digimag (IT), Exibart (IT), Noemalab (IT), Arte e critica (IT), Drome (IT), Cluster (IT), L'Unità (IT) and many others. His first book titled, NET ART 1994-1998: La vicenda di Äda'web was published in 2004; he also co-edited, together with Matteo Bittanti, the book "GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames" (Milan, October 2006) and contributed to a number of books and publications. Since 2008 he edits, for the italian publisher FPEditions, a series of books on New Media Art (edited titles: Todd Deutsch – Gamers, 2008; Gazira Babeli, 2008; Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age, 2008; UBERMORGEN.COM, 2009; RE:akt! | Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting, 2009). He curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions, including: Connessioni Leggendarie. 1995-2005 (Milan 2005); GameScenes (Turin 2005); Radical Software (Turin 2006); "Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age" (Bruxelles 2008); "For God's Sake!" (Nova Gorica, 2008); RE:akt! | Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting (Bucharest – Lijubliana 2009); Expanded Box (ARCO Art Fair, Madrid 2009); Hyperlucid (Prague Biennal, Prague 2009). He lectures internationally and teaches “Net Art” at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan.


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